History of Vernonia – The Weeds

weedfamilyHave you ever wondered about the life of a pioneer in Vernonia? At 6pm on Thursday the 25th of June there will be a 1 hour presentation in the Vernonia Public Library on the first and second generations of the Weed Family. This will trace them from the Civil War period to their efforts in carving our a life in the Nehalem Valley wilderness.

The presenter, Tobie Finzel, has been a member of the Vernonia Pioneer WeedhouseMuseum Association for over 10 years and has been writing regular articles on Vernonia history for the local newspaper for just as long. The talk will include information about the Weed family, their impact on life in Vernonia, as well as pictures of the family and their environment.

This presentation is part of the VPL Summer Reading Program, and is part of a regular series of events that are happening this summer.

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