To our friends in Roseburg

To our friends in the south,

Today, I’ll promote kindness, I’ll put it first
It’s my way to counteract the pain and the hurt
I’ll focus on love, on faith, and on hope
The three gifts God gave us to help us to cope

I’m going to pray for the families and friends
For those whose lives were brought to an end
Those that are hurt, may their wounds heal
For everyone involved, it must seem surreal

The police and paramedics, the things they have seen
On their strength and courage we can all lean
Their dedication and service are over the top
We pray that this nightmare comes to a stop

Today, I’ll gather up joy and pass it around
Give someone a smile when I see a frown
Pray for those struggling with too much on their plate
Locked in a world of depression and hate

I won’t find the answer, I don’t know what it is
But love is the gift that we can all give
So, I’m going to share it and when I hit my knees
I’m going to pray, I’ll begin it with “Please”…

“Please heal our country, come into our homes
You’re always right there, we are never alone
Gather up our families in your loving arms
In Your name we pray, Please keep them from harm”

For those caught up in grief, our hearts are with you
When it comes to tears, we’ve shed more than a few
May you feel the love we’re sending your way
May peace and comfort find you today.

Written with love and a grieving heart,
By Kala Cota, a friend up north.
(feel free to share)

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